Fishing Lake

Rules and Regulations:

No swimming is allowed in the private fishing lake.

The following fishing rules will apply:

  • Release all bass over 15 inches
  • Release all bream until further notice
  • Keep ALL bass under 15 inches. Do not release these fish back to the pond. If you don't want to keep these small bass, please put them in a fish collection barrel located at one of the community docks. Someone will retrieve these fish for harvest daily.
  • Record your catch only if you decide to keep. A harvest sheet will be provided in a box located at the main community dock by the cross. Fish put in the barrels will be recorded when retrieved.
  • There are no restrictions for harvesting catfish...keep all you want.
Duck decoys placed around the lake mark fish habitat locations (brush piles) be careful not to get your fishing lures hung up.

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